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Travel V-ball Info

So you are thinking about joining the DVC Volleyball Family?  There is no doubt that travel volleyball is the #1 way to improve your players' skill.  This intense 6.5 month season will catapult your player past his or her peers.  Did you know boys can play travel co-ed volleyball up to U14?  Sure can.  Come on boys...tryout!  This is what you should expect...

  • Sep/Oct:  Volleyball Skills Clinics get players travel ready and helps them work on individual techniques.
  • Nov:  Tryouts begin the first week.  There is a tryout fee and you will also need register with CHRVA/USAV for a partial membership for Chesapeake Region.   If you make the team then you need to pay the remainder fee for a full membership (usually +$35).  Players will be notified if they make the team and paper work and contracts will need to be signed.  Players will also get fitted for uniforms, cost up about $300-$600 for new players to DVC.
  • Age Levels:  U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18...we will also try to have three Regional 2's teams(these will depend on player and coach participation...interested in coaching?  Email
  • Regional 2's teams:  These teams are for players that are still developing as volleyball players.  These teams do single-day tournaments only and are usually within 1-1.5 hour distance away.  Practices are 2 days/week instead of 3 days/week and Divergent Training is not required.  They participate in 6 tournaments instead of 8 tournaments and their season ends May 1 instead of June 1, thus tuition is less expensive.  Some parents prefer their children to only tryout/play on a Regional team even if they make the 1's team.  
  • National 1's teams:  These teams are for very serious players that are desiring the most competition and rigorous program.  Only top-tiered players will make the team and represent DVC.  These teams do single-day and multi-day tournaments and can travel significant distances. Practices are 3 days/week until tournaments begin and Divergent Training which builds strength, reaction, and speed is required. They participate in 8 tournaments and their season ends June 1, thus tuition is more expensive. 
  • Practices start immediately after tryouts.  
  • Dec:  DVC provides a payment plan starting December 1 - May 1.  Our goal is to keep tuition around $1500-$3000/player or less.  During this month players are expected to watch videos/take online tests to learn how to be a referee, line judge, and scorekeeper prior to January 31.
  • We take off for Thanksgiving(half-week), Christmas(full week), and New Years Eve/Day(these are the only Holidays we take off).  
  • Jan:  Uniforms arrive and tournaments begin first of February.
  • Feb-May:  Tournaments are 2+ per month and practices x 2-3/week are still continuing.  Team/individual pictures are taken during this period.  Fundraising opportunities for DVC families are offered during the season to help offset tuition cost.  All monies raised by the player goes directly into their tuition costs.
  • May(Memorial Day):  End of Season

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