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Divergent Training

Old Town Athletic Campus in Warrenton, VA provides our area with Divergent Training, a sport specific athletic performance program to push athletes to their fullest potential.  DVC uses DT in December/January as a club to strengthen players via volleyball-specific exercises and plyometrics.  This helps prevent injuries and give our players the best start for our season, but we encourage our athletes to individually try out Divergent Training and train throughout the year to build their strength, speed, and reaction. 

DVC athlete's have several options with DT:

1) Any individual can perform an evaluation with DT to appropriately design a program utilizing the classes they have available to your player.  This provides a bit of customization.

Option 1 - expect to pay 8-20$ per class

2) Any individual can perform an evaluation, and do a 100% customized program tailored to volleyball specificity and the individual athlete in a personal training setting. This provides the most customization.

Option 2 - $63.75 per session

3) A small group of girls (up to 5) can have a custom volleyball specific program tailored to the group.  This provides more customization than option 1 at a lesser cost per athlete, but does not yield the same customization as personal training would.

Option 3- expect to pay $25-45 per session

The athlete, where they are developmentally, how they move, how coachable they are etc are all factors in placing an athlete in the system. They do their best to find the best value for each family - for example personal training is guaranteed to yield the fastest results but there are times when utilizing classes for certain athletes can be really close to that same timeframe. They wouldnt want to encourage the family to spend the extra $$ when they know the athlete will greatly benefit from the class setting.

Check them out.

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