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Join the DVC Team

Opportunities for Head(age 18+) & Assistant Coaches(age 16+):  

Summer League Coaches - June 28 - Aug 7, 2021 (two practices/week + Saturday tournaments)

Local Instructional Academy Coaches- 6 weeks on/2 weeks off for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced players

Travel Coaches- Nov 1, 2021 - June 1, 2022 - 2-3 practices/week + 8 tournaments(Feb-May)

**Mentorship programs available**

$$Pay$$ - Head Coaches $18/hour & Assistant Coaches $10.50/hour + travel stipend + hotel

A testimonial from Coach Jenn.

DVC is always looking for leaders to develop and grow into dynamic and spirited volleyball coaches.  Whether its been twenty years since you touched a volleyball (like myself) or you can't get enough of the game and want to share that passion to the next generation, we are interested in talking to you.  

My personal journey:  My child was finally old enough to play volleyball.  Every time, Coach Kevin asked if there were any parents that wanted to play I was always the first one to jump on the court.  I played into college but my nursing career and starting a family took me off the court for the next 20 years.  After a few times Coach Kevin approached me about possibly coaching.  Me?  I can't do that.  The game has changed so much.  I'm so rusty and I didn't even know if my daughter would actually keep playing.  For two years I sat on the bleachers and cheered on my daughter in travel and school volleyball.  Each year Coach Kevin kept asking me if I was ready to join the DVC family.  I laughed it off and politely declined.  Soon, another DVC coach encouraged me to give coaching a try.  Finally, on the 3rd year of my daughters' travel play I decided to take a leap of faith and signed on to be the Assistant Coach of the U13 Select team. 

DVC gave me multiple resource tools by introducing me to Gold Medal Squared, HUDL, and other online tools.  I was mentored by Coach Kevin for almost 3 months showing me the techniques, expectations, and game play that was expected.  We then started to split practices and he gave me the chance to develop my own practice plan and run rotations.  On our first tournament he showed me what was required of coaches and walked me through every step.  I was able to observe his coaching style during tournament play.  He then started to let me be the lead coach once he saw I was becoming more comfortable leading our team, but he was always there sitting on the bench in case I needed help.  By the end of the season I was leading Saturday position practices of 30+ kids.  I was developing specialized setter practices for all the travel setters (since I was a setter in my own volleyball career).   Of course I'm still honing my skill especially when it comes to coaching teenagers/kids and the different attitudes and skills that I need to adapt to but I always feel supported.  One of the biggest areas of support was the other six coaches that shared their tidbits and cheered me and my team on.  

I thought when I joined as a coach that I would be on my own and that was my biggest concern that held me back but I quickly learned that there was a core group of coaches that just wanted to see me succeed as a coach.  Occasionally, I would get another reminder of the service I was providing.  The players would say 'thank you coach' or 'great practice coach.'  I would get a card of gratitude or a player would confide in me how volleyball is the only time she feels good and didn't have to worry about other circumstances.  I realized my time and effort was making an impact just like my coaches did when I was a player.  Now, I see coaching as an opportunity to give back to my community and it feels good.

Now, if you are still reading you might be serious in knowing more about what perks there are for coaches at DVC:   Currently, DVC is paying coaches an hourly rate.  They do receive a 20% discount for their own children that play for DVC.  Travel season is from November to May and coaches are committed to 2 two hour practices during the week, 2 hour practice on Saturdays, and tournament play starts in late January.  Coaches are paid a stipend for travel and hotels are covered for coaches for multi-day tournaments.  We are trying to also expand our local developmental league as well.  If travel volleyball is not something you can commit to perhaps staying local and coaching for our summer and hopefully fall and spring leagues would be more appealing.  Our goal is to secure the best coaches and compensate them fairly for their time toward our DVC players and organization.  Please note, DVC does require a year of assistant coaching before he/she can be a head coach.  Director Kevin McClinton will require an interview and trial period before extending a contract to join DVC. 

Email Kevin if you are interested in joining:

Thank you for your interest

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